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Our innovative approach to data aggregation in education harnesses the capabilities of AI and strategic partnerships with industry leaders in Edtech and assessments. The result is a powerful platform that empowers educators and administrators to better manage students’ academic data. With our intuitive search function, finding bite-sized actionable insights is a breeze, just like using Google.

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Say goodbye to the tedious work of collecting data from various sources such as edtech, assessments, and progress monitoring tools. Our platform seamlessly integrates all of your relevant data streams, presenting the information in a visually stunning dashboard.

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We understand that data aggregation is just one piece of the puzzle for teachers. Knowing what to do with that data is just as critical. Through an AI powered search engine, teachers can click on existing prompts or ask any question about their student’s data, at any time. This allows teachers to decide whether in-person or online intervention is necessary to address any issues, ensuring that every student receives the support they need.

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We believe that teachers are the ultimate experts when it comes to understanding their students. While our recommendations are generated by our powerful machine, we acknowledge that teacher input is vital in ensuring that our system accurately reflects the unique needs of each student. That’s why we’ve designed our platform with an intuitive interface that allows teachers to easily edit groupings and provide feedback on any recommendations that may not be quite right.

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<span>Intrigued to learn more?<br>We </span>can't wait<br><span>to </span>share with you!

Intrigued to learn more?
can't wait
to share with you!

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